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oh my sweet crepes

I love you

Love you too bb. Glad you liked it. :p

*giggles like a...giggling thing* Love this, looking forward to the other 11 months :p

I don't know what happens after the 16th April you know.

Oh my god. This is hilarious. The chair paragraph is perfection.

Thanks. ^^ I liked writing those bits, he's so bonkers.

I've said this before, but I love Sherlock and Molly's relationship in this. It's wonderful.

I'm quite proud of it. I like Molly, she's secretly amazing.

Dear Lord this is amazing and hilarious. Love the Bridget Jones style diary keeping from Sherlock. Wasn't sure it would work but the way you've written it, it really does. Cannot wait to read more.

Also, Hebert Fitzgerald - I see what you did there!

You do? I don't know who that is. Probably. I don't know.

So glad you liked it though, thanks so much for reading!

This is absolutely great. I am eager for more. For some weird reason it reminded me of me Rhys's diary, part of which reads:
Me and BJ played in the back yard. I buried BJ and Harry made me dig him up.

That was his diary about age seven. Mycroft is Harry. ;)
So glad you liked it, thanks for reading. ^^

This is awesome. It is hilarious, and had me giggling out loud.

I loved the Molly/Sherlock relationship and Sherlock babysitting- brilliant.

All of which, is me asking for more please. =)

Haha, glad you liked it dear one.

That is an absolutely great start :) And it definitely made my day a bit better.
Can't wait to read more

So pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for reading. ^^

o.o This is all so sudden. <3

ADORE! So completely ADORE!

Couldn't make it through Bridget Jones' Diary (the book, not the film, I managed the film. And the sequel. So I'm not a complete failure as a woman) but I would read this until the end of time itself

(Shouldn't it be 31st)

Should we expect 11 other installments? Well, maybe 2 more for now...

At least four more, as soon as I can get onto it.
So chuffed you like it, still get a little fangirl spasm whenever you like my stuff.

This is FANTASTIC and the fact that there may be more makes me want to weep with joy, you genius, it's just amazing okay okay

Haha thanks so much, so pleased you liked it. #wordscannotdescribe

It was extremly hard not to burst out laughing while reading this at work. :-))) Your lovely fic goes to my memories right away. Wonderful job!
There will be more, right?

Um maybe. Thanks so much for reading, especially at work. I wrote this mostly at uni, so I'll allow it. :p

I love this. It has taken a rubbish day and made it better, and I really hope that there is more coming.

Yay, I'm so pleased. Always nice to make someone happy. :) Thanks so much for reading.

That was a blast! Snorted with laughter a lot, but I think Sherlock entering Mycroft as "Tubbs" in his new phone made me snort loudest of all. Do hope you continue with this!

Haha so glad you liked it. Thanks for reading, completely overwhelmed.

Love this so much! I especially adore Sherlock saying mad things then panicking and second-guessing himself, and John just taking it in stride, like you do.

He’s sitting in his chair reading. It’s definitely his chair. It’s perfect. Does this mean all chairs are made for one specific person, and they’re just waiting for that one person? The one true chair. AWWWW.

John Watson/Chair = One True Chairing dude.
So pleased you liked it. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :)

I confess when I saw the summary I was sceptical.

I am no longer sceptical. Loved it!

Awh, so pleased you like it. I was skeptical at first as well. ^^; Thanks so much for reading.

Such fun! I love how Sherlock fixates on how John thinks he's extraordinary. :D

I don't think anyone ever called him extraordinary before. Thanks for reading, so chuffed you liked it.

This is utterly fantastic. Love how you've fleshed out pre-John Sherlock, so he has genuine relationships with people. (Rare in fic!)

Also, the premise is nuts and *should not* work, but you're an excellent writer and you manage to pull it off.

I have to admit though that for about the first half of this, I had Renee's voice in my head, reading for Sherlock. Disturbing.

Oh my, thanks so much for reading and can I say, I love your icon. Extremely appropriate for the situation!

Oh god, that was hilarious and completely brilliant!

Ahh, thank you! Seriously, completely overwhelmed, thank you so much for reading.

This is the best comic thing this fandom has seen since Angrybeige. I'd quote my favourite bits back at you, but then I'd have to quote the entire story, and that would be awkward. And long.

I love your Molly, though — she's snarky and sisterly and amazing in a way that doesn't involve making her a secret BAMF, or in any way different than she is in the show. She fits. It's lovely. Mummy is equally wonderful, especially her sense of picking pockets. And being, apparently, even more psychic than her sons.

I've no idea how you've been able to mesh up the voices of Sherlock Holmes and, of all people, Bridget Jones, but it's genuinely brilliant and believable. As is Sherlock's schoolboy crush on John, which is ridiculously adorable. &hearts

(Note: upon rereading, I've been somewhat able to single out two things:

I love it when he smiles. His eyes crinkle and his mouth goes all curly.

Because Sherlock's reflections on John's smiles always make me melt, and

She says I’d like speed-dating, because I’d only have two minutes to ruin someone’s life.

Because Molly and custard creams and, just, yes.)

tl;dr: I love this, and I love you, and if there are indeed more installments I shall adore it all and rec it to everyone I know. (Also, I've just realized I've never friended you, which is remarkably stupid of me, and will be rectified at once.)

Oh god and you wrote Narrative Causality. *flails* Thanks so much for reading and leaving such an amazing long comment. <3


Okay, first of all? Your Sherlock? GOLDEN PERFECTION AND JOY. His voice is wonderful and brilliant and I love you and him and everything.


“When you call New Zealand, or wherever.”
“Why would I call New Zealand?”
Honestly, he can be so dense.

Who wouldn't want to call NZ? *whistles innocently* me? a kiwi? Why, however could you tell? Oh? You deduced it?



And third:


I live in NZ too. ;)
Excellent use of gif. So glad you liked my Sherlock, really. Completely chuffed. Thanks.

Oh my, oh my, oh my...

What will Sherlock do when Sarah comes?

Oh, and I love this. It's like Bridget Jones. But better.

Because it has the Godtiss.

Will this eventually be a requited Sherlock/John? Do so dearly hope so.

If that is the case, we definitely need John's side. And hopefully a scene where Sherlock comes out of a body of water with a wet shirt.

Preferably white.

Haha. Maybe a scene where Sherlock and Molly just watch that bit in Pride and Prejudice over and over again?
Thanks for the amazing long comment and things, so pleased you liked it. XD


Is it Christmas already? Might almost be the case!


It is only three months till Christmas. Incidentally, that is the same as the amount of material I have to work with. (I only just noticed this lol.)
Merry Christmas!
Thanks so much.

Thank you for this trip through Sherlock's (quite amazing) mind.

Anytime dear, thanks for riding Tatterdemalion Airlines. :p
Thanks so much for reading. :)

I can't stop laughing--this is horrible! I mean, wonderful horrible! But like--omg. Sherlock's mind is--I'm insensible!

I love how the things that jump out of his mouth are connected to what he's thinking about so no one has any sort of clue what he's talking about. This is hilarious, thanks for writing! :D

What's funny is that actually happens in the show. ('Pink!')
Thanks so much for commenting and reading. :)


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